Leaving the Comfort Zone

An Unexpected Invitation


There are times in life when single people find they need a partner at the last minute, but finding someone willing to go with them can be a chore. They might ask a close friend to accommodate them, or they might call a relative they know is not busy. No matter who they choose in this case, they are closing out the choice of a person who could turn out to be the right one for them. Asking someone who is not a friend or relative might be an unexpected invitation, but it could be the start of a great relationship.

It is a huge favor when someone accepts this type of invitation, so the person should never be taken for granted. Paying attention to them while at the event is important, but it is even better if the person who requested them as an escort takes the time to get to know them a little better. If the two hit it off, they might find they are compatible enough to form a long term relationship. It is possible they could just become friends, but even that is should be counted in the plus column.

While at the event, it is important to introduce the person who has attended as a favor to everyone. They may feel awkward, and making them feel part of the group can help them look less like a last minute date and more like a friend or companion. If they meet someone they like, do not be offended if they spend a bit of time with that person.

An unexpected invitation can lead to many different new paths, so accepting it does carry more than just a physical presence by the person who was invited. Being attentive to the person they are with is important, and it will make it more comfortable for every person at the event if they act accordingly to socially acceptable behavior. Forming a closer relationship is secondary, but it could be the start of a great romance.