Leaving the Comfort Zone

Dating Without Intimacy


Many people view dating as a way to find their lifelong partner. They believe that being physically intimate too fast while dating clouds other issues. These people want to establish a firm relationship based on communication and compatibility. Their goal is to find out whether or not they will be able to build a good future with the other person. Being physically intimate too quickly changes the nature of the feelings two people may have for each other. That is why people would rather wait for the satisfaction of physical intimacy.

Human beings are hardwired to reproduce. This is an important trait for biological reasons. Reproduction is a basic biological function, and this fuels the need for physical intimacy. It is fortunate that there are fuck buddies available to provide relief for this need. A fuck buddy is perfectly comfortable that their intimate partner is dating someone else. They are not looking for a relationship or future together, just physical relief for their needs and those of their partner.

The separation of physical intimacy and dating may one of the sanest ways for people to sort out their needs. Dating without physical intimacy is the best way to establish whether or not a person will be a good partner for life. Having a buddy to relieve physical needs takes away the pressure to turn a relationship intimate before its time. It allows both partners in the relationship to make a decision based on the future, not the needs of the present.

A committed relationship is important to many people. They want to be with a partner and build a good life. Casual sex is nice, and it has its own place in the world. Being physically intimate with a lifelong partner is not for relieving pressure, it is part of building the future together.