Leaving the Comfort Zone

Finishing a Dating Break


When it becomes too difficult to continue the process of finding a potential life partner, some people decide they would be best off if they took a break. They see it as a way to regroup before setting back out on the path to happiness, but it could last a very long time. Ending a dating break means leaving a comfortable place where they have been able to make their own decisions without interference, and it might even be a time they have found immensely enjoyable. Getting back into the dating scene can be a frightening time for some of them, but it might finally be the time they discover there is a partner out there just for them.

Dating other people while looking for a permanent relationship often means giving up at least a small measure of control, and it can be difficult to step back into that type of life. For those who have found they enjoy the lack of disagreement with a partner, it can be a time when they see life as a series of actions that will take away their ability to form their own life.

Learning to interact with others on a personal level is difficult the first time around for some, so getting back into dating can feel like climbing an endless cliff. They could be afraid of falling, but they might also wonder what will occur if they get stuck. Their potential dates are seen as someone who might take away the handholds they need to progress with their own life, so they need to be prepared to provide their own safety measures in case something goes wrong.

Dating can be bothersome at times, but it is also the best path in modern society leading to a permanent relationship. Those who are willing to end a dating break and put in the effort necessary for successful dating are often rewarded with a compatible partner who will help them through the cares and woes of life.