Leaving the Comfort Zone

Taking a Dating Risk


People tend to fall into habits, and it can be their undoing when it comes to successful dating. They may choose the same type of person based on their looks, or they could have a set of rules that eliminates many potential partners. If they become frustrated enough, they might decide it is time to change their own rules to find someone. Taking a dating risk is less about danger than it is about getting out of a rut when choosing a partner, and it can become a path to finding a long term relationship that will work.

It can be frightening to choose a different way to do something, and dating comes with its own fears. Being open with another person at first is awkward, but it also carries the fear of feeling foolish by revealing too much to a stranger. People with this type of anxiety should still be willing to get out of their habitual dating routines. They could find someone unexpectedly who still fits their criteria for a partnership.

While life is difficult enough, going through it alone is usually an unsatisfying experience. A partner can be there when difficult decisions need to be made, and their job is to be supportive. Finding a person like that takes the ability to move in social circles that may be very different. It can offer great pain if it does not work out, but the rewards could be a lifetime of happiness and love with another person.

Getting past ingrained habits is not easy, but it is possible. Taking just one small risk might be worthwhile even if it is not successful the first time. Trying again could be the magic formula for finding a person for a great long term relationship. Good things do not always come to those who are willing to wait forever, but they can come to those willing to forge ahead bravely.