Leaving the Comfort Zone

Using Technology to Avoid Dating


Dating is often awkward, and it can be painful for people who are shy. Their comfort zone is interacting with those they have known for a long time, but this is not always a satisfying way to live their life. When they become adults, they feel an overwhelming need for a physical relationship with another person. Getting out of the house and meeting someone takes them away from their comfort zone, and this type of chore is often something they would rather avoid.

Being part of a relationship with another person can only be accomplished in a limited number of ways. Some shy people have the luxury of being in a society where marriages are arranged by their families, and this suits their need to avoid dating. Modern societies, where dating to find a partner is the norm, force a person to leave home and find their own partner. Some of them would rather go without a relationship and satisfy their physical needs by viewing virtual reality porn at home.

Modern technology has changed the way people live their lives, but it is not always a suitable substitute for human interaction. Using technology this way does not necessarily lead a person to become a hermit, but it may be difficult to see if they show no signs of leaving home. Virtual reality headsets let a person experience scenarios as if they are part of the action. The producers of VR porn have embraced this technology, and it is specifically aimed at male masturbators who form their audience.

Taking the step away from being isolated at home is difficult, and virtual reality technology has provided a new comfort zone for people in this situation. They can find plenty to view online, and advanced technology makes it possible for them to experience virtual life as if it is reality.